2016 IMPACT! Fund Recipients

The IMPACT! Fund is a resource available to students who have attended one of the IMPACT! Conferences or one of the regional IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training sessions to support youth sustainability projects in local communities across Canada. To date, the Fund has disbursed over $678,400 to 124 unique projects.

Funding for 2016 was disbursed in two rounds; one in the spring and one in the summer. In the spring round of funding, 18 successful applicants from across the country received a total of $59,423 in grants from the IMPACT! Fund. In the summer round of funding, 21 successful applicants received a total of $92,655 in grants from the IMPACT! Fund.  

2016 IMPACT! Fund Spring Recipients

Atish Pereira, 2013 Guelph Champions
This $3,000 grant will be used to help coordinate the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA)’s Amazing Green Race. Environmentally minded youth (13-24) in Peel will race to pass various sustainability-themed checkpoints this summer.

Azlan Nur Saidy, 2015 Vancouver Champions
This $1,010 grant will help the Urban Nestwork create and distribute DIY bird house kits to community members, helping to preserve native bird species.

Bekah Guenther, 2015 Saskatoon Champions
This $853 grant will go towards the purchase of beekeeping equipment as Community Bees builds a top bar hive to better preserve native pollinators.

Delaina Arnold, 2015 Sudbury Champions
This $800 grant will help Delaina organize and run Eat Around the Sound, a workshop series designed to help increase food security in Parry Sound.

Dominique Souris, 2014 Conference
This $5,000 grant will go towards YOU: Northern Quebec – Engaging and Empowering YOUth for Positive Change. These workshops will help arctic youth (15-25) develop their leadership and communication skills as they discuss environmentally and sustainability issues affecting their communities.

Francis Bueckert, 2015 Sudbury Champions
This $1,000 grant will help Francis establish the Mobile Organic Coffee Cart – a catering bike cart that will bring fresh, organic, direct-trade coffee (sourced from a coffee co-op in Ecuador) to people around Ottawa.

Jessalyn Rohs, 2014 Conference
This $4,450 grant will help the Grow Calgary – Beautification and Vitalization project. It will be used to paint murals on the water tanks at the Calgary Interfaith Foodbank, as well as build a lettuce/herb wall and raised beds.

Joshua Lindsay, 2011 Conference
This $5,000 grant will help Diversify Canada welcome newcomers to PEI. Joshua will run 26 bi-weekly culture sharing activities helping newcomers to Canada integrate into their new society.

Kevin Kimoto, 2015 Vancouver Champions
This $3,300 grant will help Uproot Redistribution Center and Online Marketplace as it makes circular economy more accessible on Vancouver. Uproot reclaims and upcycles wood from construction sites that would have been sent to landfill.

Laura Husak, 2014 Conference
This $5,000 grant will allow Bridging Urban and Rural Sustainability Education Together (BURST) with the Harvest Moon Learning Centre to expand its programming. BURST will offer year-long programming and will integrate land-based curriculum into early years programming.

Leat Ahrony, 2015 London Champions
This $1,800 will be put towards Leat’s Reduce, Reuse, Refill program on campus. This program will facilitate the switch to eco to-go containers and ceramic coffee mugs.

Loïc Freeman-Lavoie, 2013 Montreal Champions
This $5,000 grant will help Loïc establish the Hudson Seed Garden and Library, to help preserve crop biodiversity as possible.

Marley Giunta, 2015 London Champions
This $2,800 will help Marley create her podcast series, NOURISHMENT: Inspiring stories of adaptation and resilience across the generations. The podcast will feature seniors sharing their stories and knowledge for the benefit of younger generations.

Robyn Mitchell, 2013 Vancouver Champions
This $4,860 will go towards Abel Wear’s sewing supplies, as they offer sewing employment opportunities for marginalized women in Vancouver’s downtown eastside.

Rohit Mehta, 2009 Conference
This $2,075 grant will go towards Incubate Institute Incubator Pilot. This pilot will support and facilitate the development of emerging grassroots community projects.

Ruston Fellows, 2016 Ottawa Champions
This $5,000 grant supports Treespirits – an initiative that teaches urban indigenous youth in Ontario and Quebec traditional maple sap collection techniques. The youth will then sell their sap products at local markets.

Victoria Alleyne, 2015 Guelph Champions
This $4,975 grant will help Full Footprint launch. Full Footprint is an application that measures a holistic footprint, encompassing carbon, water and ecological footprints.

Yuri Gidge, 2011 Conference
This $5,000 grant will help create the Residence Bike Share program on Memorial University Campus. Students and campus visitors will be able to join the bike share and use the bikes to get around the city.

2016 IMPACT! Fund Summer Recipients

Abigail Hann, 2014 Conference
Renewal funding will be used to maintain the orchard and the greenhouse at the Port Blandford Community Garden, as well as providing supplies to new growers. 

Bethany Deshpande, 2011 Conference
A Frozen-Ground Cartoon is a series which will be distributed by print and online and will educate on permafrost properties, and the dangers of climate change to permafrost.

Bonnie Klohn, 2011 Conference
The Community Food Action Website would connect five small food related organizations in the Community Food Action Program, under one network, making it easier to share resources and recruit volunteers.

Cassidy McAuliffe, 2016 Sudbury Champions
Woodland Sketchpad will partner directly with local businesses to reuse their waste paper and turn it into sketchpads that will be sold online via Etsy and in local stores.

Cayla Albrecht, 2015 Vancouver Champions
Remember the Farm will document farm histories, land use and ecological change capturing generational knowledge that is being lost as generational succession is less common.

Cierra Bray, 2016 Sudbury Champions
Using her PR background, Cierra will start up CGal Media – a media and PR consulting social enterprise for charities, non-profits and small businesses.

Colin Sober-Williams, 2013 Ottawa Champions
Funding will be used to expand the Muskoka Local Food box – a food share program that delivers fresh produce from six small scale local farmers to participating families.

Eliese Watson, 2009 Conference
The Community Honey House will be a non-profit commercial honey house run by hobby beekeepers for hobby beekeepers, where they can efficiently and affordably extract honey.

Erica Mak, 2015 Vancouver Champions
The Renewable Energy Art Project incorporates public art installations to inspire people to learn more about renewable energy. Each piece will incorporate renewable technology and will generate power back to the grid.

Evan Bowness, 2009 Conference
The South Osborne Permaculture Commons manages six gardens, providing free Garden Club Sessions for the community. Funding will be used for garden maintenance and marketing.

Ian Froude, 2009 Guelph Conference
Promoting the sharing economy, the St. John’s Tool Library will offer a catalogue of hand and power tools for wood working, home repairs, bike maintenance, gardening and landscaping.

Julia Zeeman, 2013 Guelph Champions
The e-Connect Station will be Toronto’s first solar powered mobile device charging station and Wi-Fi hotspot. It will be located at University of Toronto, on the St. George campus.

Julien Lamarche, 2011 Conference
“Project Avenir Durable - Faire mieux ensemble!” will build an interactive website to provide resources for municipalities with populations under 5,000, to assist in their development. The goal is to attract new residents to revitalize rural communities by establishing community services and creating jobs.

Kim Kirton, 2014 Ottawa Champions
With renewal funding, b a l a n c e will shift focus from screen printing to pattern development and creating pieces from scratch. They will also provide part-time employment to a marginalized member of society.

Landon Gardner, 2012 Toronto Champions
The Green Sailors Network is a non-profit that will create a network of sustainable-minded sailors, and develop sustainable yacht club scoring system for the sailing community.

Laura Scrimgeour-Carter, 2013 Ottawa Champions
Soar is a start-up consulting social enterprise for sustainability sector, leveraging behavioural psychology best practices for transformational change. They will offer workshops, existing program evaluations and assistance launching programs with best behavioural practices built in.

Linda Bui, 2013 Guelph Champions
Good Food Brampton: Sustainability Around the World will pair local youth with newcomer youth for 3 or 4 sessions, to facilitate peer to peer sharing on global sustainability practices, such as growing and preparing food, consumption, and waste - where learning goes both ways.

Mark Kryshtalskyj, 2013 Guelph Champions
Rockstar Café, a virtual "coffeehouse", focuses on building a network of entrepreneurs, and providing resources. They will launch publicly in September and plan to open a physical space in Waterloo, ON in 2017.

Selina Pechlaner-Kruk, 2013 Vancouver Champions
The first of its kind in Canada, Mat Collective is a Vancouver-wide, multi studio, yoga mat recycling and upcycling program. Unwanted or unused mats will be donated to people in need. Worn collected mats will be upcycled into new products.

Yvette Guo, 2012 Ottawa Champions
The University Borrowing Centre will be a library of tools, camping supplies, kitchen equipment for students at York University, and the surrounding community.

Zahra Teshnizi, 2015 Vancouver Champions
Gaia is a plugin for SketchUp, a popular architectural software, which will assess the lifecycle of building materials in the early design stages. This will allow builders and architects to incorporated environmentally responsible practices in new builds from the early design and planning stages.