2017 IMPACT! Fund Recipients

The IMPACT! Fund, available to students who have attended one of the IMPACT! Conferences or one of the regional IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training sessions, supports youth sustainability projects in communities across Canada. To date, the Fund has disbursed over $758,883 to 136 unique projects.

In the 2017 spring round of funding, 19 successful applicants from across the country received a total of $80,390 from the IMPACT! Fund.

2017 IMPACT! Fund Spring Recipients

2017 IMPACT! Fund Spring Recipients

Bryan Chiang, 2015 Vancouver Champions
Bryan’s initiative, TiiP Inc., has created an app that screen patients for their social determinants and connects them to various community services and resources after they have visited their doctor. The purpose is to fill in the gaps in the healthcare system, by connecting patients to resources, like food security services, that will augment the care received by their physician. The product is being tested by 50 family physicians in the lower mainland.

Cory Herc, 2016 Moncton Champions
Cory’s funding will go towards ACCESS – Atlantic Community Cycling Conference on Environmental and Social Sustainability – the first annual gathering of cyclists, hosted by La Bikery in conjunction with community groups and government. Conference participants will discuss active transport, environmental issues and the Atlantic cycling community.

David Stonham, 2016 Vancouver Champions
With his funding, David will open the Charlottetown Tool Library to reduce waste, material consumption and build community collaboration. He will also work towards opening a maker space, in collaboration with his partners, and consolidate the two, offering workshops.

Delaina Arnold, 2015 Sudbury Champions
Eat Around the Sound will continue in 2017, with five workshops and one festival coinciding with food-related moons of the Anishinaabe lunar year. Eat Around the Sound strives to increase food literacy and food security, and promote local community in an area that experiences relatively high poverty and low food literacy.

Erzsebet Institorisz, 2012 Vancouver Champions
GreenSeeds will build empathy for the Earth through art. Children in grades kindergarten to seven can participate in the contest, submitting an art project to go along with GreenSeed’s two latest recordings that show children in natural environment, caring for the earth and their community.

Hannah Gehrels, 2016 Moncton Champions
Hannah will use funding to bring a Forest School to PEI, where rain or shine children engage in free play, explore, identify insects and plants, climb trees, make nature art, in a local municipal park.

Jonathan Behnke, 2015 Vancouver Champions
Funding will go towards designing and installing edible landscaping and shaded seating areas for a local school with a diverse student population, located in a vulnerable neighbourhood. The community will help design and install the garden and the school will maintain creating hands-on learning opportunities for students.

Julien Lamarche, 2011 Conference
Funding will be used to expand programming at the maker space co-operative Julien is a member of. They will also host workshops on upcycling and recycling materials, promoting a more circular economy to members.

Kaya Dorey, 2013 Vancouver Champions
NOVEL SUPPLY CO is a conscious clothing line locally manufactured from cotton and hemp, and features collaborations with local artists. Funding will go towards scaling up production for the second and third production run.

Laura Cuthbert, 2016 Vancouver Champions
Laura is creating an online map of BC’s history and environment. The Populous Map will feature a timeline and filter so people can research the movement of people and different groups throughout BC.

Laurel Schut, 2012 Ottawa Champions
Funding will used to expand FOUND Forgotten Food’s operations, allowing for an increased harvest in 2017. FOUND Forgotten Food organizes harvests of existing trees and plants on public and private land to increase food security by collecting unused produce that otherwise goes to waste.

Laurence Williams, 2014 Conference
Funding will be used to establish Sherbrooke as a Transition Town. This will enable Sherbrooke to address big challenges, by starting local; building community, entrepreneurship and nurturing a sustainable society.

Loïc Freeman-Lavoie, 2013 Montreal Champions
The Hudson Farming Education series will build on the success of the Hudson Seed Library. They will expand their education to make organic agriculture more accessible through weekly farming sessions, a farm tool library for participants, and regular seed saving programs.

Marilee D'Arceuil, 2015 London Champions
Edgewalkers will be a wellness podcast and workshop series geared at frontline mental health workers ("edgewalkers"), such as social workers. The podcast will share stories and resources for improving health of those who help others, and the workshops will include films, and peer-to-peer support.

Perla Hernandez, 2011 Conference
ReGeneration – The Plastic Bag Project will bring seniors and students together to craft durable tote bags out of plastic bags. It will not only divert plastic bag waste from landfill but also build community in connecting young and mature generations.

Simran Lehal, 2011 Conference
Funding will be used to update the Goat River trail with a kiosk, visitor log book, and signage. The updates are intended to increase tourism and awareness of the watershed, in turn strengthening the local economy.

Victoria Alleyne, 2015 Guelph Champions
Funding will go towards enhancing the Full Footprint website and calculator. Enhancements are designed to attract more users to the calculator, and to encourage people to stay on the website and learn about resources that can help them reduce their footprint.

Yun Ting (Lily) Lin, 2012 Guelph Champions
The Toronto Renewable Energy Network provides educational networking events and activities. Funding will be used to expand audience beyond Toronto to other parts of Ontario, and even Quebec.

Photo credit: Sarah Park