Contributing to your sustainability journey

The IMPACT! Fund is dedicated to funding our leaders’ initiatives.

Grants support sustainability solutions – projects, events, co-operatives, and social enterprises – that create positive change in Canadian communities.

Since 2009, the Fund has granted over $678,000 to 124 unique initiatives. Meet our current and previous recipients on our blog.

Eligibility criteria


  • Participant of an IMPACT! event
  • 30 years old or younger - or have attended Training in the past 12 months
Things we don't fund:
  • Insurance
  • Travel
  • Conferences
  • Wages
  • Academic research
  • Religious and political activities (as defined by CRA)
  • International projects
  • Fundraising initiatives

Creating meaningful change


At present, funding for the IMPACT! Fund is provided entirely by The Co-operators, a Canadian financial services co-operative with a vision of catalyzing a sustainable society. If your organization is interested in contributing to the IMPACT! Fund and investing in youth sustainability leadership, please contact us today.